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Approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu (G.O. NO. 72)
Affiliated to Periyar University
Rasipuram, Namakkal


Examination Details

Requirements Of Attendance Examination :

A candidate will be permitted to appear for the university examinations if, he/she secures not less than 75% of attendance in the number of working days during the semester and that the candidates character has been satisfactory. If a candidate fails to secure 75% attendance and conduct has been satisfactory it shall be open to the syndicate or any authority delegated such powers to grant exemption to a candidate for valid reasons subject to usual conditions.

Examination :

The university examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester for the subjects of study undergone in that semester. Practical examinations will be conducted with one internal examiner and one external examiner. Both internal and external examiners will jointly set the question paper for practical examination. One external examiner for every 15 students will be appointed to conduct Viva-Voce examinations during sixth semester.

Classification Of Successful Candidates :
  • All candidates securing not less than 60% of the aggregate marks including sectionals shall be declared to have passed the degree in FIRST CLASS provided they have passed the examination in every subject including practical’s, project work & viva-voce within 3 years of joining the course.
  • Other successful candidates shall be declared to have passed the examinations in SECOND CLASS.

University Syllabus

Rank Holders

Broucher 1


Centum Holders

Broucher 1