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Approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu (G.O. NO. 72)
Affiliated to Periyar University
Rasipuram, Namakkal
11/28/2023 10:12:08 AM



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The Muthayammal Memorial College of arts and science Library strives for a quality of library service, which emphasizes the actual delivery of information rather than the actual delivery of documents to meet the generic as well as specific needs of users. This enables users in searching and availing the library resources. It uses the state-of-the-art technology in its functioning and services.

Ground Floor

Library for UG and PG Graduate Students.

Working Hours

Weekdays : 08.30 am. – 06.00 pm.

On all Sundays & Holidays.

The Treasure Trove

The MMCAS – Library and Information Centre

Has a wealth of about 5000 books;

Has 2000 non-book materials.

Rules & Regulations

  • A student can borrow a book for the duration of 7 days and a staff member for 30 days. The books may be reissued to the bearer after their surrender of the books on the due date.

  • Every book borrowed from the library should be returned on the date marked on the date slip. It will be reissued to the same student for a further period of 7 days if it has not been applied for by other students in the mean time. The book should be shown to the Librarian at the time of renewable.

  • Students are prohibited from sub-lending the books.

  • The librarian may recall any book at any time even before the expiry of the normal period of lending.
  • Absence from the college will not be ordinarily admitted as an excuse for delay in returning the books on the due date.

  • If a student fails to return a book on the due date, a fine Rs.10/- for the first day and Rs.2/- for each day will be levied. Sundays and holidays are excluded

  • A student, who fails to return the borrowed library book or to pay the fine in due time, will be liable to disciplinary action.

  • Books will be issued only on presentation of the identity card and library card bearing the name, class, departmental number and signature of the student. In case the card is lost the Librarian should be informed at once. No one is allowed to borrow books by producing other's library card. A lost card may be replaced by a duplicate card after one month on payment of Rs.100/-

  • A Student who wishes to borrow a book shall fill in an application from and present it at the counter between 12.15p.m and 1.45p.m Reference books or journals will not be lent out. Books can be returned between 9.00am to 5.00pm.

  • A Student on receiving the book must examine it and report to the Librarian if any damage is found therein. Otherwise he will be held responsible for any damage that may afterwards be detected.

  • Students are required to use all library books with care. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students damaging the books in any manner.

  • A book returned to the library should contain return slip showing the roll number of the student and the catalogue number of the book.

  • Application must be made in the prescribed form for borrowing of reference books, journals etc.

  • A student who has lost a book shall make a written report of it to the Librarian immediately. The lost book must be replaced by a new one before the date specified by the Librarian. Besides, any fine imposed by the Principal should be paid by the student who has lost the book.

  • We are subscribing several scientific journals National and International.

Library Committee

These Members in the Library Committee is follows

Dr. A. Manikandan, Principal

Dr. P. Ravichandran, HOD & Economics.

Mr. D. Rajaganapthy, Librarian.

Conference Hall

No of Seats : 500

Computer Lab

The college has merged with the information super highway by providing internet facilities round the clock; student and faculty enjoy unlimited internet access with 4 mbps bandwidth.

24 Hours Internet Facilities
  • Number of systems provided - 225
  • Internet Accessibility - 4 Mbps
  • Time - 24 x 7
  • Download Vs Upload - 1:1


  • Muthayammal Educational trust provide favour for students in rural area transport available at MPTC &MMCAS.
  • A fleet of 30 buses are operated for the Convenience of Faculty, Staff and students.
  • The buses are operated within a radius of 75kms.
  • The College has a fleet of buses that ply from important points in and around NAMAKKAL to the campus and back to facilitate comfortable commuting for both students and staff. The buses cover major areas around the city.

A fleet of 57 buses are operated for the convenience of students and staff coming from Salem, Seshanchavadi, Ayothiyapattanam, Yercaud Foot Hills, Mettur, Mecheri, Nangavalli, Theevattipatti, Omalur, Tharamangalam, Junction, Steel Plant, Edappadi, Magudanchavadi, Sankari, Vennandur, Attayampatti, Vempadithalam, Elampillai, Erode, Tiruchengode, SPB Colony, Pallipalayam, Mohanur, Velagoundampatti, Yellur, Paramathi Velur, TNPL, Erumapatti, Thadayangarpet, Namakkal, Sendamangalam, Belukurichi, Veeraganur, Gangavalli, Thammampatti, Valappadi, Attur, Thalaivasal.

Language Lab

A well-equipped language lab has been set up to enhance individual’s English language competence. It facilitates to develop the communication skills of the students. Many tasks based on the International English Language Testing System are also available.


  • Necessary equipments and facilities for regular practice.
  • Gymnastic equipments provided in our college
  • Fee concession to the students admitted in the sports quota those represented national, State, Divisional and District level tournaments after evaluation.

  • Uniforms to the participants at free of cost
  • Special prizes to the University, State and National participants.
  • Daily allowances and traveling allowances for participants in tournaments with on duty.

  • Hand Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, ball Badminton, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Chess, Carrom, Cricket, Tennikoit, Badminton

  • 400 Track also available
  • Regular summer camps for all the Games and Sports
  • Various exercises, advanced skills, techniques and formations are being taught during the practice session.
  • Special coaches from outside also arranged for conducting coaching camps.
  • The department provides ample opportunity to the students by sending them to participate University, State, district and College level tournament and also friendly matches.

  • Intramural tournaments are conducted every years.
  • Prizes and certificates are given to the winners and runners-up and an over all championship trophy is also awarded to the winning team.

Sports Committee

These Members in the Sports is follows

Mr. G. Nagarajan, (Co-Ord)

Mr. C. Sasikumar, AP/Maths.

Mr. P. Ranjithkumar, AP/Physics.

Mr. R. Jeevanathan, AP/Maths.

Mrs. K. Mynavathi, AP/Commerce.


The Hostels are situated within the campus of Muthayammal Memorial College of Arts and Science. The ambience is so much of a home to reveal that hostel can be called a home away from home. There are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. Nearly 500 students are accommodated in both the hostels. They are provided with Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food. There is a central canteen and cafeteria inside the college premises.

  • Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form. An applicant will be admitted in the hostel with the approval of the Warden / Principal.

  • Every student before he is admitted to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he / she will submit himself / herself to any rules & regulations imposed by authorities.

  • This shall be endorsed by the parent / guardian also in the attached declaration form. At the time of admission, the applicant should remit the fee as prescribed by the college.

  • Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys & girls. The rooms are furnished with tables and cots for the students. Each room is provided with fans. Hostel rooms are bath-attached.

  • The inmates are instructed to submit three identity cards for endorsement and approval of the Principal / Warden meant for their parents / guardians / relatives.

  • At a time only two of the three persons holding the identity card are strictly permitted to meet the inmates and that too only on Sundays between 10.00am - 6.00p.m. on any account any other person not holding the identity card will not be permitted to meet any of the inmates.

  • Telephone facilities are made available in the hostel. The inmates should talk to their parents / guardians only. All letter correspondence should be made by the inmates only through Deputy Warden.


There is a canteen situated inside the campus which provides vegetarian and non vegetarian food. They also provide with snacks, hot and cold drinks. There is a Separate canteen for staff with Boys and Girls. There are also providing foods & drinks.

Financial Assistence